May 17, 2013

Hand Painted Glass

Colors Are The Universal Language

There are times a mosaic piece calls for a special color and texture, ones that can not be found anywhere but in one's mind.

For times like this I use glass paints to create what is needed. I find glass paints to be a treat and a world of infinite creativity and play. 

First comes a layer of texture/pattern

Then a first coat of paint

Next I add a coat of a darker/lighter color, depending on a desired end result.

Once I reach a desired tone/hue, the painted glass goes into the oven to be baked for 10-15 minutes at 160 degrees (Celsius), then cool off and let the paint set.

All new bright colors for my next mosaic piece

Off to find some base material...

November 16, 2012


Majic is integration, 
synergy of components in constant motion and change. 

Thoughts inhabiting our minds have colors and strength. 

Verbal or mute, they never cease, they keep creating.

Majic began with one single wooden charm, an Ethiopian art.
The face of beauty 

 As work progressed my leading thought was: Each thought is a born spiral, it goes out there in the Ether, bumping, meeting, hooking up with other born spirals, creating new colors, thoughts, ideas....endless motion, never cease.

Majic took about six months to complete.
It got stronger in message with each spiral added. 
As part of my path and practice, 
and as per realizing I can`t always control what comes out of my mind, 
I added "With Harm No One and No Harm Done" 
as well as "So Mote It Be".

Naturally, Phoebe and Mowgli have been a great help as always...


Framed and grouted